This upsets me, and I really hope it doesn’t happen to somebody else. This blog entry is to warn others about the dangers of these cheaply made light bulbs and hopefully prevent your house from burning down.

As you can see from the pictures below the light bulb pretty much shorted out and quickly started smoking in my light fixture above my kitchen table. Had we not been home I am quite confident that possibly even the smallest spark falling on the wooden table below it would have caught our house on fire. You can see that the bulb burnt from the inside out and not where it’s plugged into the socket. I am sure this is because of the cheaply soddered joints (“made in China”) inside the bulb causing it to short out and start smoking. If anybody more technical out there has more information as to what might have gone wrong with this bulb please comment below and get a hold of me. While I have since removed all Globe brand bulbs in my house I am not sure yet if this is a primary design flaw with this type of bulb in general or if it was just this manufacturer. Ideally I really don’t want to replace all the mini compact fluorescent bulbs back to traditional bulbs since I just made the investment recently to these new ones in the entire house thinking I was saving energy and doing a good thing for the environment.

The model number of this particular bulb is Globe Ultra-Mini 13W BH0106. If you have any of these in your house I HIGHLY recommend you throw them away and replace them IMMEDIATELY!!